The Save Massachusetts Wildlife Education Fund

We’re pleased to announce that Save Arlington Wildlife founder and director Laura Kiesel has recently launched The Save Massachusetts Wildlife Education Fund, a fiscally sponsored project of the nonprofit, Mission:Earth.

The Mission and Vision of the Save Massachusetts Wildlife Education Fund (SMWEF) is to educate the public about the presence and importance of wildlife in the Commonwealth, including in our state’s urban and suburban ecosystems. SMWEF seeks to raise awareness about the toxic and often fatal effects rodenticides (rat poisons) have on wildlife and companion animals. To that end, SMWEF’s first goal is to run an advocacy advertising campaign through the MBTA subway system running through Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston. These are some of the largest/most populous cities in the Commonwealth and their buy-in on restricting anticoagulant rodenticides is critical to convincing the state to take action. These MBTA ad campaigns do not come cheap and cost in the ballpark of $8,500. Any contribution helps (click on MK widget below to donate)!

SMWEF’s strives for a poison- and pollution-free future. Under the fiscal sponsorship of Mission: Earth, The Save Massachusetts Wildlife Education Fund qualifies for tax-exempt donations and contributions to achieve this end. If you would like to donate, please click on the donate badge below:

The first step of SMWEF will be to draft and implement a comprehensive outreach program that can engage residents across the state of Massachusetts and inspire them to take action on rodenticide use and other challenges that harm wildlife populations in the Bay State.