Campaign at Arlington Whole Foods

The bait boxes surrounding the Whole Foods in Arlington contain the second-generation anti-coagulant Difethialone. We are attempting to convince the management to use a different control method.

When we first became aware of Arlington Whole Foods using SGARs and initially approached the store manager, it was indicated to us that their pest management strategies were decided at the local level. However, more recently staff and management have now vaguely indicated that this is a “corporate” decision despite that different states have different laws in the United States regarding use of SGARs by private businesses and corporations. If you are concerned about the use of SGARs at Whole Foods (and particularly at the Arlington Whole Foods), please consider the following actions:

Consider stopping by Arlington Whole Foods Customer Service desk to voice your concern about their use of AR poisons and urge them to consider more wildlife-friendly alternatives. They may be more compelling if you shift some of your business away from Whole Foods and let them know your intention to do so.

If you cannot make it to the store, you can call them at 781-777-7200. You can also call the regional corporate office at 617-492-5500 or fax them at 617-492-5510.

Bait box behind the EV charger at Whole Foods, Arlington